Benefits Of Playing Computer Games


Computer games often get a bad rap from all of us. We complain that our children are getting addicted to these games and as if that alone is not enough, our husbands are also glued to their smartphones playing one game or the other! While many traditional games are praised, somehow computer games alone are made out to be harmful to us. To someone who isn’t interested in computer games, it can be really annoying when people around them are so obsessed with the games like However, even though you might think that computer games are just nuisance, there are several surprising benefits to playing them.

What are the benefits of playing computer games?
Anything in excess is harmful – this holds true for computer games as well. Nevertheless, if played responsibly and for controlled periods of time, computer games can actually serve us well. How?


Computer games are a great stress buster: Some people turn to hobbies such as reading or painting to get over the stress of their daily lives. But for people who enjoy computer games, spending some time playing their favourite game can be an awesome stress busting activity.

After a gaming session, players usually end up feeling refreshed and energized as the nuances of the game diverts their minds from the worries of the day. Plus, many computer games are free to play – so they are a quick way to destress and recharge yourself.


  • Computer games can keep your mind sharp: Research has shown that regularly playing computer games can actually help your mind stay active and alert, thereby keeping mental illness at bay. In fact, one can even say that computer games can improve your instincts, your reflexes as well as your memory.

It is a well-known fact that playing games such as Sudoku or doing the crossword, can help people battling diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Similarly, computer games also activate certain parts of the brain in such a way that it almost acts as an exercise to the brain. They can actually delay your grey matter from turning old. Additionally with the advent of new age games which incorporate elements of virtual reality and augmented reality, gone are the days when computer games were considered to be sedentary practices. Even if you are not into exercising, the latest computer games will get you up and moving in no time! Therefore, computer games are not only good news for your mental health but they can also be a fun way to keep fit physically as well.


  • Computer games can encourage creativity and lateral thinking: There are various types of computer games available today. Some of them like word puzzles are skill based, some like quizzes are knowledge based, and some like slots or bingo are luck based and yet some others are strategy based.

Depending on the type of game that you choose to play, computer games can encourage out of the box thinking. Alternative thinking is an essential life skill which will help you in the long run.


  • Computer games can foster social interaction: If you were under the assumption that only nerdy loners and geeky social outcasts keep playing computer games, you cannot be more wrong! Many computer gaming experts are really cool and outgoing people.

They regularly participate in several gaming events and interact freely with likeminded people who share their passion for computer games. It is also an easy conversation starter and an interest in computer games will help you bond with both the young and old alike.


  • Working in the gaming industry is lucrative: Many people often crib that computer games are a huge waste of time and money. On the contrary however, if you are able to bag a job in the gaming industry, you can certainly earn a lot!

The gaming industry is a highly profitable one.A lifelong interest in computer games and extended knowledge about the different approaches required for different games can actually lead you to a superb job in the gaming industry. What’s more you will be doing a job which you thoroughly enjoy and will definitely look forward to going to work every day. As you can see, computer games are not all bad, provided of course that they are played in moderation. So the next time you notice your teenager engrossed in a computer game, don’t get angry! Who knows, perhaps he will soon become the next gaming wizard!