About Us


We are a company that has been into developing computer games over the past several years. We believe in staying updated on the current industry trends and over time we have built a strong clientele as well as a formidable reputation in the field of computer games.

Our game developers and designers are all top notch individuals who have been carefully chosen after serious deliberation and consideration. They have all been educated and trained in leading institutions and have joined our team post a stringent selection process.

We believe in equal opportunities and diversity at the workplace and hence our team consists of exceptionally talented professionals from all over the world.
Every step of the games that we develop has been tested and retested for quality, reliability, robustness and consistency. You can be rest assured that our games are some of the most entertaining – not to mention affordable - ones that you will come across in your gaming journey.

We have strong guidelines in place which ensures that our game development strategy is superior to our competitors. We are particular about adhering to industry standards but at the same time our turnaround times are also one of the quickest in the market today.

We believe in honesty and transparency when working with our clients and are always open to constructive criticism and feedback from you. If any of our clients are dissatisfied with our attitude or approach, we will swiftly look into the issue and make sure to investigate the reasons behind the disappointment. We will never extend any false assurances to our clients and will always operate on good faith.

We can guarantee that our clients will never be unhappy with our work as we try our best to satisfy all of their reasonable requirements. If in case we feel that certain specifications are beyond our scope, we will be upfront about admitting our inabilities to our clients, instead of misleading them with empty promises.
Although we are a business running for profit, there is absolutely no need for us to make any tall claims about our work as it goes against the basic foundation, etiquette and principles of our company.